Book market expert Angela Samuels can help you increase exposure of your book online with her proven and successful marketing coaching techniques.
“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

What if you were able to talk to someone about your goals and dreams about becoming a bestseller author? What if that person can help you achieve those goals?

What if you had someone to bounce marketing ideas off of and get honest and objective feedback?

Imagine feeling confident to have someone that has your best interest at heart and can be there to achieve your goals of becoming a bestselling author?

Would it feel great to have someone there for you as resource and for support?

As a book marketing mentor, we can be that person for you and more.


“Everyone needs a coach, whether it’s a top level executive, a graduate student, a homemaker, a homeless person or the President of the United States” – Anthony Robbins


  • Are you looking for effective ways to market your book that don’t cost an arm and leg?

  • Do you find that some of your marketing efforts just don’t produce the results you’re after?

  • Would you like to always be a step ahead of your competition?

  • Do you have too small a marketing budget?

  • Are you frustrated that your publisher has made no effort to market your book online like you would want?

  • Do you need book sales right away to jump start your marketing program?

  • Would you like to increase your book sales by hundreds of copies? And do it again and again?


If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then you want a Real Book Marketing Mentor. And you need it right now.

No matter how much money you have. No matter how much time you have. No matter how comfortable you are in meeting new people. No matter whom you know or what you know. No matter any of these quibbles, you will find a way that will work for you.

So Are you ready to jump start your book sales? Are you ready to take responsibility for your own book marketing? Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of all your new readers? Are you ready to take a few simple steps to sell another 100, 200, or more copies in the next several weeks?

Sure, having lots of money allows you to do more things more often, but with some clever ideas and the willingness to implement them, you can achieve some staggering results. We show you how.

No academic mumbo jumbo…just proven, results-focused marketing ideas aimed at getting your book booming.

A survey of 2,130 coaching clients conducted in 2009 by the International Coaches Federation (ICF) showed that a full 99% of the coaching clients surveyed were very or somewhat satisfied with their coaching experience. A full 96% of the clients surveyed indicated that they would engage a life coach again given the same circumstances that led them to engage a coach in the first place.

Benefits of having a book marketing mentor include;

  • A follow-up on progress, which motivates follow through.
  • A confidential and judgment-free environment.
  • A consistent action in strategic pursuit of marketing goals.
  • One on one access to an experience marketing professional to answer questions and communicate goals and accomplishments to.



“Book Marketing Mentoring by Angela Samuels”

Angela Samuels

    • Angela has her master’s degree in Education specializing in Instructional Technology and online learning.
    • Angela is have over 10 years experience in marketing and consulting.
    • When Angela is not coaching she still works as a marketing manager for best-seller authors.
The number one secret behind our book marketing coaching, is that there are no secrets. There is only knowledge. You either have the knowledge or you don’t. If you don’t have it, you can get it.


As Your Book Marketing Mentor, Angela Samuels, M.Ed will;

help you with an effective marketing plan that leads to results

teach you how to set up a WordPress website

teach you how to setup social networks that can help you in increasing sales

give you recommendations on third parties plugins, applications and websites

teach you how to bring your books in front of your target audience

be your biggest cheerleader

answer your questions about marketing your book

help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) article and promotional material

And Much more!


Angela serves as an invaluable resource for creating, hosting, maintaining and marketing our new website. She has a rare and special gift for being able to do the work AND also to train people with limited programming and information technology skills. She patiently walked our staff through the steps involved in creating a new website from start to finish and offered advice and assistance to help on numerous occasions when we encountered obstacles. Mike C. Small business owner
I had the privilege of working with Angela during her service as Program Director of HOPE worldwide Michigan. Under her leadership this was one of our more active U.S. affiliates. Angela also was responsible for one of the strongest communications programs among our affiliates. It is a pleasure to recommend her based on her commitment to service and the professionalism of her work in my experience. David Blenko

$50 per 1/2 hour via Skype, email or Phone

Contact me with any questions

Limited time slots available



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