Reuse InterviewsIs your virtual blog over? Is the links to the other partner sites started to disappear? This is exactly what happened to one of my clients. You worked hard on those blog interviews. It seems reasonable that you get a little more mileage out of them, Right? There are several ways to reuse that content on either your site or another site.

  1. Use your blog interviews to create a blog article. Each question and answer can be one blog post. For an example, you had a question and an answer about what is the difference between a blue and red bird. Take that question and change it into a title for the blog post. Take the answer of the question and add it to the blog post content.  You may want to review it and add a little more detail.
  2. Post it as an article on a third party website sites such as or
  3. Post them on Facebook. If the answers are short enough, you could post the question and answer for your fans.
  4. Create an eBook of all of your questions and answers that can be given away when someone signs up for your mailing list.
  5. Take the answer and use it as an answer for relevant questions on forum sites. This saves you time writing an answer. Don’t forget to include your signature (if it’s allowed).

I hope this helps! Don’t forget to let me know if you have any book promotion questions on my Facebook page.


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