blogI’ve narrowed down a list of reasons why authors don’t market their books. This list was created over time listening to my clients and talking with people online.

Why authors don’t market their books

  1. The authors say have no time to market their book.
  2. They don’t have the marketing skills to market their books.
  3. They just want to write.
  4. It’s not their job to market their book.
  5. It’s too hard to market their book.
  6. Some authors are afraid of crowds or audiences.
  7. Some authors are not confident about their work and are afraid of rejection.
  8. They don’t want to be that pushing type of salesperson that gives marketing a bad name.
  9. Since their book has not been published yet, they feel like they don’t need to promote it yet.
  10. They have tried a couple of marketing tactics that weren’t successful so they give up.
  11. They believe it’s the publisher’s job to market their book.
  12. They believe it’s too expensive to market their book on their own.


Do you see any of the reasons above are the reason why you don’t market your book? During the next couple of articles I’ll be addressing each point and give you advice on how to market your books. Keep visiting our blog and even sign up for my newsletter.


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