tips for authorsSo the need for starting a new website to promote your book is calling you?  You have some great ideas for a book; have a lot of enthusiasm your ready to start.  You’re going to make a large amount of money and be your own boss.  Well wait a minute regardless of the claims of how easy it is to get rich off the Internet.  You will find starting a website to promote your book is no different than starting a business in the non virtual world.  Maybe you need to consider some things first to make this profitable and mistake free.

1. When contemplating starting a new website you need to take an honest look at yourself.  What are your skills?  What kind of interests do you have?  This list of questions is called a SWOT analysis: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Many people write about the fields that they have worked in before.  A graphic artist could write about how to create graphics on a certain software program.

2. Do your homework to start your new website for promoting your book.  Do not make the mistake of putting all your efforts, money and time into a topic that there is no demand for.  You cannot make people like your book.  Instead find out what the consumer would like and then write a book to fit that need.  Also just like a real world business there is a certain amount of risk.  By doing your homework you can lessen that risk by finding something people will buy and for how much.  This allows you adjust your costs to make sure of a profit.

3. Study your competition.  Find out what they are doing and what works or what doesn’t work.  The more information that you have in regards to the market and your competition the better chance of success you will have.

4. Have a plan and follow it.  What will it cost to start?  Where will you get that money? It is a good idea to have a business plan even if you are funding your online business yourself.  It will give you some set goals to look at.

5. Make a time commitment and keep it.  It can be done but will be difficult to keep a full time job and work on writing and/or promoting your book.  You probably will not be able to accomplish that unless you set a specific time to work on it.  Starting an online business and making it profitable enough for you to work full time on it does take some time.

You have done the required research, taken the time and made the commitment for your online business.  You feel that now have a great book that the world wants and priced that they can afford and you make a profit.  You have one more thing to consider… marketing.  Your customers need to be able to find your product so they can purchase it.  This can be done online, offline, or a combination of them both.  You will need to continually study what works and what doesn’t until you find what works for you the best.  However, remember what works today, may today may not tomorrow and be able and willing to change your approach to marketing as the consumers dictate. If are feeling overwhelmed with the whole process contact me for a free 25 minute marketing consultation.

Angela Samuels is a marketing coordinator and marketing coach for authors. She has been in web development and marketing for over ten years.

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