Business Marketing Coach and Trainer


Our training program CAN show you or your employees how – WITHOUT the frustration to market your business.

DON’T limp along letting a small marketing budget hold you back.

Let Us Show You THE NUMBER ONE SECRET behind SUCCESSFUL marketing.

With a master’s degree in Education and over 10 years’ experience in marketing and consulting, our mentor Angela Samuels works as a marketing manager for best-seller authors, and teaches web design at a local university.


She brings EXCLUSIVE industry insider information, and she will:


  • BE your biggest cheerleader
  • ANSWER your social media marketing questions
  • TEACH you how to set up a WordPress website
  • HELP you get your products in front of your target audience
  • DEVELOP an effective marketing plan that leads to results
  • MENTOR you in setting up social networks to increase sales
  • GUIDE you to third parties plugins, applications and websites
  • ASSIST you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) articles and promotional material
  • …And Much, MUCH more!


“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison


  • Would you like to always be a step ahead of your competition?
  • Are you looking for effective and inexpensive ways to market your book?
  • Do you find that some of your marketing efforts just don’t produce results?
  • Are you frustrated that your publisher has made no effort to market your book online?
  • Do you need book sales right away to jump-start your marketing program?
  • Would you like to increase your book sales by hundreds of copies? And do it again and again?


If you answer YES to any of the above questions, then you NEED a Real Business Marketing Mentor – RIGHT NOW.

Angela CAN help you succeed:

  • No matter how much time you have
  • No matter how much money you have
  • No matter whom you know or what you know
  • No matter how comfortable you are meeting new people

If YOU ARE READY For Proven, Results-Focused Marketing Ideas Aimed At Getting Your Book Booming with NO academic mumbo jumbo…


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