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I personally don’t consider myself a writer. I’m more of a marketer than anything else. Marketing does take a lot of writing whether it is writing tweets, writing articles and press material. You start to feel like a writer in some ways.

My passion and love is marketing. I’ve been in the Internet development since the early nineties. My first computer was a Tandy where you had to create your own games before you could play them. I self taught myself HTML and other programming languages. I’ve been helping authors and small businesses market their books/products online for the last several years. My goal is to help you market your book/product in 30 minutes or less a day so you can increase your sales.

Picture of the Day

30 Minutes or Less Marketing Action List (3 days)
These action items assumes that you already have a website (preferably WordPress). Save this post and come back to it every day to do at least one thing to market your business.

  1. Write a marketing vision  statement for your business. Helpful resource
  2. Describe your ideal customer or client?
  3. If you haven’t done so create one social media account. (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn)


Learn Something New Every Day
WordPress Tips

  • You should create two admin logins just in case something goes wrong with one of them.
  • You should use a name other than “admin” for a login name because many hackers know it’s a common name so your account is easier to hack.

Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.  Sholem Asch
From “Developing Wings : Quotes from Writers on the Art of Writing

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