Marketing Mondays for Mothers

It's Mother's Day Every Monday! Tips for Marketing Your Business Online


“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

marketing Mondays for Moms

What if you were able to talk to other mothers about your goals and dreams about becoming a successful business owner? What if those mothers can help you achieve those goals?

What if you had people to bounce marketing ideas off of and get honest and objective feedback?

Imagine feeling confident to have other people that has your best interest at heart and can be there to achieve your goals of becoming a successful business woman?

Would it feel great to have a group there for you as resource and for support?

Our goal for Marketing Mondays for Mothers, is teach you how to market your business online.



  • Are you looking for effective ways to market your product/book that don’t cost an arm and leg?

  • Do you find that some of your marketing efforts just don’t produce the results you’re after?

  • Do you have too small a marketing budget and would like to know low cost ways to market your business?


If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then you need to attend the Marketing Mondays for Mothers.




“Marketing Mondays for Mothers Hosted by Angela Samuels”

Angela Samuels

I’m a mother of two young children. I’ve started a lot businesses in the past. I understand the frustration of trying to earn money while still being home for the kids. I’ve in the corporate world and I HATED it because I truly wanted to be there for my kids but still wanted to work too. I wanted the flexible schedule to be able to take off time to take my son to the doctors if he needs to go not have a boss thinking about your work ethic. This online seminar is very special to me because I’m a mom, business woman and I have the desire to connect with other moms.

Weekly seminars on how to market your business online!

Are you in the Detroit area?

Now we are in a physical location in West Bloomfield, MI. Join our Meetup group to get reminders.


You have a desire to get your books in the top ten bestseller’s list. You want to improve your customer base and move your business into overdrive. Our marketing for moms group will give you everything you need to market your books.

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Marketing Mondays for Mothers!

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