In a former blog article I wrote about how to get a blog. Now I want answer authors’ question about what to blog about. There are 5 topics that you can blog about that will keep your website fresh and updated for your readers.

  1. Blog about your book marketing activities and events

Will you be at a book signing in the near future? Will you be a guest speaker at a special event? Your audience would like to know this kind of information. You can even share about it after the event is over.  Were you mentioned in a magazine or another blog? Share the link to the other blog within your blog article. Not only will it help you but it will help the person that interviewed you to have a reciprocal link on your page.

  1. Blog about the awards that your book have received

I know it seems like bragging but there might be people who haven’t bought your book yet and may be impressed by awards that you have received. Don’t forget to add a photo of the award if possible.

  1. Tips for your target market

After writing a book on a certain topic, you become an expert in that area. Write some helpful tips that your readers would enjoy.

  1. Answer typical questions about your book

While promoting your book were there questions that keep coming up? Answer them in a blog posting. If you had a Virtual Blog Tour, use each question as a blog posting.

  1. Book reviews on other related books

Write book reviews on books that are related to your book genre. Make sure you are not giving it a bad review just because it’s in direct competition with yours.  Most readers like many books in a certain genre and will buy other books in the same topic area.

Now that you have your topics in place, it is time to begin blogging. When you are blogging for the purpose of marketing, you want to give your readers something that they have to keep coming back for. You want to peak their interest and make them want more from you. This will keep your readership base up and will allow you to have followers that will follow you anywhere to see what you are going to say next on their favorite topic.

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